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EA Origin Account h...

EA Origin Account hacked  


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11/08/2020 2:40 pm  

Be warned - rumours of a data breach in 2015 never acknowledged by EA .... I thought it'd gone away.

However Saturday my EA Origin account was hacked, so 'the list' of usernames and passwords may have resurfaced - change your passwords!

Never happened to be before, I'm savvy enough not to fall for phishing attempts and my password was secure so I'm sure it was a breach on EAs end.

I'm still locked out my account trying to contact UK support by phone.

My account details are now all in Russian, name, Date of Birth, security questions and secondary email all changed - I've been able eventually to roll back my changed primary email and reset password (quick enough before the Russian bot got in first) ... but my accounts locked and I have to speak to them on the phone now to unlock it (after 4 live chat sessions EA abrubtly disconnected from - leaving me now with a phone them only option).

Note: I did of course ensure I'm talking to the real EA by going through their website and not following any email links.


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